Periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery

The importance of gums

The gums are the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth, which provides protection to the jaw bones. Its pinkish-red color indicates the abundance of blood vessels in this area

Gum care is an integral part of oral health, as infection leads to many serious problems such as frequent infections, swelling and severe pain.

One of the most prominent gum problems that affect the general appearance and hinder your bright smile is the uneven gums that cover the teeth and make them appear shorter than normal, or the receding gums that may show the teeth in an undesirable long way.

With the development of modern science, and the entry of lasers into all fields of medicine, especially plastic surgery, laser gum rejuvenation operations appeared, or as it is also known as laser gum cutting.

The causes of the problem of uneven gums and their recession

Uneven gums and receding gums are common problems, and this problem is more about appearance than anything else. A person may be born with this condition, or it may occur suddenly. Several factors may contribute to this problem, including:

  • Reckless brushing of teeth.
  • Using brushes and dental floss in the wrong way.
  • smoking.
  • Grinding of the teeth while sleeping.
  • Various gum diseases such as inflammation and swelling.
  • Genetic and hereditary factors.

This problem causes what is known as a gummy smile. Where the gums appear more than necessary when smiling; Which makes you lose part of the beauty of a smile, and affects your psychological state and self-confidence. Laser gum rejuvenation is one of the most effective ways to get rid of this problem.

Laser gum rejuvenation

The idea of ​​laser cutting and beautifying the gums depends on shining focused laser beams to sculpt the gum growths, so that the teeth appear in a consistent and equal manner.

Laser results are more accurate and effective than surgical sculpting. It also reduces pain during the operation, prevents bleeding, and recovers faster.

Recovery after laser cutting and beautification of the gums

Laser gum rejuvenation begins with injecting local anesthesia into the gums to avoid any pain. Then a laser is used to gently remove unwanted growths from the gums.

Patients usually do not feel pain, but if you feel some pain

Caution should be taken when using the brush or dental floss after the laser cutting of the gums. It is also recommended to rinse the mouth using warm water and salt, to give you that feeling of comfort and to maintain the cleanliness of the gums.

Advantages of the process of cutting and beautifying the gums with laser

  • It’s over in one session.
  • Simple, painless operation.
  • Less risk and side effects.

Laser gum resection damage

The laser helped to avoid many of the damages that accompany surgical gum cutting operations, and despite that, there are still some side effects, and the following are the most important damages of laser gum cutting:

  • An allergic reaction of the body to the substance used in anesthesia, in the event that you were not tested for its sensitivity to it before the operation .
  • The feeling of pain, which may last for a day or two at most .
  • The increase in the length of the teeth after cutting the gums is annoying to the owner .

Are you suitable to undergo laser gum cutting?

A person must have healthy teeth and gums in general to be able to undergo laser gum rejuvenation.

Here are the main reasons why you need this operation: :

  1. Gummy smile: when the gums show too much while smiling.
  2. Uneven gums: Uneven gums are no longer a cause for psychological distress. During the operation, the doctor is keen to equalize all the edges of the gums so that the teeth appear at their natural lengths.
  3. A first step for some other dental operations: When installing dental crowns, the doctor may see the need to cut the gums with a laser to allow the crown to fit the place and be able to install it tightly. It is also sometimes recommended as a complement to dental veneers.

Laser periodontal supply

One of the most prominent and common gum problems is the condition of dark gums or black gums. This problem clearly affects the appearance of the gums, depending on the progression of the condition.

Many factors play an important role in the emergence of the problem, the most important of which are:

  1. Smoking: Smoking negatively affects the mouth for many reasons, as it contributes to the pigmentation of the gums as well as a change in the color of the teeth.
  2. .Some medical conditions as well as some medicines.
  3. Inadequate care of oral hygiene and recurrence of gum infections. .
  4. Laser gum supply is the radical solution to this condition. It does not take much time due to its immediate results.

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